Pasta e Pesto makes home made Italian food

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Here at Pasta e Pesto we believe fresh food tastes better and actually making food ourselves is not only something we take great pleasure and satisfaction in, but that is also the way they enjoy their dishes in Italy.

Our commitment is to provide delicious great tasting scratch made Italian dishes on a daily basis:

Our fried cheese are cut from fresh loaves of mozzarella cheese and breaded by hand using eggs, milk and seasoned breadcrumbs. They never touch a box, nor a freezer and are served with our slow simmered tomato sauce

Our juicy meatballs are rolled by hand with beef, ground sausage, yellow onions and spices. They are slow baked to perfection and topped with our slow simmered tomato sauce

We make our own pasta (Using only flour, eggs, water and salt) and our own home made filling to make our 4 cheese and spinach ricotta ravioli, they are made in house and may be the freshest ravioli in our area!

Our pizza crust is house made and kneaded by hand using yeast, sugar, salt, flour and water. We top it with our scratch made tomato sauce and your choice of fresh toppings. Each one is rolled out to order and baked to a yummy, bubbly brown, then sliced. Ready for you to enjoy piping hot!

We slice our eggplant from whole eggplant, peel it, bread it by hand and fry it until golden brown, then we top it with slow simmered tomato sauce and melted Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and serve it with your choice of penne pasta or sautéed vegetables

All of our desserts are made in house. They are never frozen, nor transported. This is our home made tiramisu with layers of rum and coffee soaked ladyfingers and whipped mascarpone. A wonderful end accompaniment to your delicious meal

We invite you to join us at Pasta e Pesto for lunch or dinner. This is just a sample of all the love and passion that goes into our cooking. Please feel free to stop by and let us prepare one of our classics just for you!


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