Press: What Is A “Pop Up?”

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Published in Houston’s Public News on April 19, 2017
written by Ken Petty


Pasta e Pesto features a dining event unlike anything that occurs anywhere else in Houston. It’s called a Pop-up Dinner. So, to the uninitiated, the obvious question is ‘what is a pop up?’ We sat down with Pasta e Pesto owner Matt Vernon and asked him to explain what that is.
“It’s something that we started from the time we opened for business. Our talented chefs love to create, trying to come up with recipes that no one has seen before, something original, something different.
Something really delicious, something hand crafted. We put them all together and create an entire evening out of it,” Vernon explained.
Pasta e Pesto’s Pop-ups are held once a month, usually the last Monday of the month. These are reservation only events and Pasta e Pesto closes regular dinner service in order to accommodate the pop-up event. The dinner consists of five courses: Appetizer, Pasta, Entre’, Salad or Soup, Dessert.
The food served is not on the menu as normal Pasta e Pesto fare. The dishes are one-of-a-kind creations made by their talented staff or highly trained professionals.
The dishes presented at the Pop ups are so special, diners take pictures of their meal and post them on Yelp and on to the many foodie groups.
“We’ve had folks who came in on the basis of seeing a dish presented on Yelp from a Pop Up and wanted to buy it. We had to explain that it was a once in a lifetime dish and that it isn’t made anymore. That’s how special these events are.”
Vernon explained that, weeks before the Pop Up, his chefs experiment with various tastes and dishes. The proposed dishes are presented to Vernon, his wife Mary and his design chef David for tasting.
“Some tweaks are made. A little extra garlic here, a little spice there. We want to make sure that everything presented in the Pop Up is very tasty. In the end, everyone
who comes is very well fed.”

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